Oxfordshire Dementia Awareness Campaign

The Oxfordshire Dementia Awareness Campaign 2013/14 launched on April 12th as a county-wide platform for informing and aiding people from a wide range of backgrounds concerned with dementia. Initially based on a structure of 6 information events situated in local communities from Chipping Norton to Wantage, the ODAC banner also allows for the promotion of a varied field of activities by generating popular and press attention around dementia.

Dementia Awareness Campaign 2013/14

In a launch event attended by over 130 people, a combination of information stands and speakers provided a space for bringing multiple organisations into dialogue to share best practice with each other and with the community at large. The events also facilitate the ‘voice’ of people with dementia by offering representatives the same speaking platform as experts and care professionals to inform the public about their lived experience. By the end of the day in Chipping Norton 100% of attendees reported increased awareness.

Lead by Guideposts, with organisational and evaluation support from CDAN, these events cover the whole field of care and understanding – including discussion of arts therapy, arts performance and a positive focus on living well with dementia and fostering dementia-friendly communities.

As well as constituting an informal and informative space through local and national organisations with which CDAN is in regular contact (from Age UK to Eminence Grise), the campaign showcases two continuing arts therapy projects evaluated and promoted by CDAN – Lights Up and Lost In Time And Space. Dissemination of best practice is a key element for the successful extension of community organised non-pharmacological and person-centred care, and the airing of the original LITAS film is also being extended to local communities by MAO through a touring Vintage Mobile Cinema this May.

In addition to dissemination and awareness-raising, CDAN is also closely involved in its compliment – evaluation and response gathering. Along with looking at the impact of LITAS screenings as part of Time And Space Continuum, CDAN is also undertaking an Oxfordshire-wide survey to gauge how well informed businesses, healthcare professionals and the general public are about dementia. Through a broad quantitative strategy of physical and online questionnaires, interviews and focus groups we will compare the baseline we are collating with repeated surveys in February, in order to assess the impact of the year-long campaign.

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