Moving Music Concert

Chaos in Carterton

The year is 1971, decimalization has been introduced, Middle of the Road charting with Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep. Polly, a young struggling assistant on the Carterton Gazette, gets her first assignment. While trapped in a public house with local shoppers and market stallholders, she discovers a lot about the people and learns about their memories. From faggot making, joining the RAF, Saturday night dances, Jiving, Quickstep and seeing the all female Ivey Benson band in 1954, Polly comes away with a story that interests a well known Women's magazine.

Chaos in Carterton will be broadcast at 6.30pm on a Thursday for the next few weeks on hospital radio Cherwell.
Listen online:  click here

Oxfordshire Library Reminiscence Resources

Some of you might be interested in the range of services being offered by Oxfordshire Library Service including the Reading Well project which included reminiscence resources that can be loaned from the Library.
As long as you have an Oxfordshire Libraries library card you can make a reservation (for a small fee) for any of these reminiscence tools, collect them from one of our libraries and borrow them for free for 3 weeks.
Reminiscence Boxes and Packs can also be delivered through the Home Library Service.
For more information, please see the Oxfordshire Libraries Reading Well project web page here.


The first Meet Me at the Movies dementia friendly screening at the Ultimate Picture Palace is the absolutely classic 'Singin' in the Rain'. Join us at 2.30pm on Wednesday 20th May - tickets are £5 and includes a free ice cream! For booking details go to

Thanks to funding from the British Film Institute, Oxford’s Ultimate Picture Palace cinema, partnered by Creative Dementia Arts Network, will be putting on films for people with dementia and their carers. The monthly programme starts during Dementia Awareness week on Wednesday 20 May 2015, and includes not only vintage favourites such as Singin’ in the Rain but also recent releases such as Far from the Madding Crowd. During school holidays, families with a relative with a dementia will be able to enjoy the Wizard of Oz and Shaun the Sheep.

The UPP aims to enable those affected by dementia to relax and enjoy the films by taking account of their disabilities. This means the lights will be dimmed rather than turned off and the volume of the film reduced. Volunteers will be on hand to lend additional support if required especially if audience members want to get up and walk about a bit or need to visit the toilet. UPP staff (and hopefully fellow audience members) will be accepting of the wish for some audience members to exclaim and talk during the films. Indeed, there is a real expectation that as musical memories are triggered during some films, familiar songs will be sung!

Making things easier for people with dementia makes things better for their family members or paid carers accompanying them. 

Oxfordshire Creative Dementia Arts Network

The Oxfordshire Creative Dementia Arts Network brings together artists, arts organisations, arts venues,  voluntary organisations, the NHS, local councils, care providers and other organisations with an interest in, or working with people with dementia using the arts. Membership is free. We meet quarterly at different arts venues across Oxford.

The first meeting took place in Oxfordshire University Natural History Museum, the second at the Oxford Playhouse. Minutes from both meetings are available in the archives together with the contribution of arts to dementia friendly communities an interactive a lecture given by Maria Parsons, CE of Creative Dementia Arts Network during a workshop for OCDAN members on February 2015.