Dementia and Imagination Project

Dementia and Imagination is a large scale study exploring the role of visual art in dementia friendly communities.There are several work packages to this study looking at the financial, social or community benefits to taking part in visual arts programmes. We will also be looking at ways our research can inform policy, as well as engagement and the wider impact of our study. Dementia and Imagination also includes 3 research artists who will explore the research through their own practice.

One aspect of the study involves recruiting participants to take part in visual arts programmes to see if there are any effects on health and well-being. We are recruiting participants from 3 different locations around the UK that includes care homes, NHS, and people living in the community, looking to complete the intervention groups by autumn 2015. Using exhibition and workshops, we will look to stimulate discussion and challenge perceptions of people living with memory difficulties.

In the next year we will be analysing all the data we have collected across the study. Our broad range of research packages means that we hope our findings will be of value to people living with dementia, their families and communities; to artists and art organisations; and to both providers and commissioners of health and social care.

You can find out more about the study or sign up to our mailing list on our website, through twitter or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the team for further details.