Creativity and imagination are limitless!

We know that participation in creative arts has positive outcomes for people with dementia and their carers but here is an opportunity to make the case visually in a poster form.

Who can enter?

We are seeking entries for our poster competition from individuals or groups who are asked to design a poster that presents information about the benefits of arts for dementia in a creative and imaginative way to a general audience including the public and professionals. We imagine that posters might be submitted by:

  • Artists, crafts musicians, dancers, actors, poets, singers or crafts who have worked with people with dementia and/or their carer and want to share their practice
  • Arts organisation or cultural institutions running a programme or who ran a programme for people with dementia and/or their carers who took part
  • Academics, researchers and students who want to present a piece of research
  • Formal and informal carers working with people with dementia in day, community, residential and home care
  • Intergenerational groups bringing together younger and older people with dementia through the arts



A typical reader may spend no more than 5 minutes looking at the poster, so there should be a minimum of clutter and a maximum of pithy, informative statements and attractive, enlightening graphics. A poster should tell a story. Please take account of our judging criteria:

  • Original artwork that should not have been published before
  • The message is unmissable
  • Text is concise, clearly printed and accessible
  • An aesthetically pleasing piece of art
  • The subject is easily discernible
  • Images are crisp, not pixellated.
  • Image subject matter is large enough to be easily seen from 2 metres away
  • More than one image is used.
  • Any tables or figures are clearly presented
  • Viewer can easily understand the content behind the artist’s style. Entries are free. Posters can be portrait or landscape and should be A1 size 594 (23.4 inches) x 841 mm (33.1 inches). Poster boards, sticky fixits/drawing pins will be available for mounting the posters. You are encouraged to bring hand outs etc. that interested delegates can refer back to. We recommend you put them in a plastic pocket of some sort so you can pin this on the board next to your poster.


 Judging & Prize

  • All posters will be displayed for all conference delegates to view. Professor Marcus Richards will select the winner and the first prize will be Jessica Kingsley Publishing books to the value of £50. Images of all posters and the designers will be taken and posted on the CDAN website after the conference. 



When you arrive at St Hugh's College Lodge, you will be guided to the Maplethorpe Hall where registration is located. The conference begins and ends and all keynotes take place in the Main Hall. The posters will be displayed in the open plan area next to the Main Hall. This area is where conference refreshments and lunch will take place and the space offers opportunities to network and maximum exposure for the posters. We request that you take down your poster at the end of the conference when you leave.

Please let us know that you are entering by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details below by FRIDAY APRIL 4 2015 and putting POSTER in the subject title:

Name, title and organisation + contact details

Size and orientation of poster

We do very much hope that you will enjoy the experience and look forward to seeing you and your poster at the conference.